Maths Trigonometry and Coordinate

6,000.00 5,400.00

VALIDITY- 1 & 2 year (as per your preference)

DURATION (Average)

Average Lecture Duration- 60 min
No. of videos- 675 approx.
No. of hours- 646+ hrs.

MEDIUM: English (Definition, Scientific Terminology and Statements are in English however explanation is in mixed language of – English & Hindi)

Salient Features :

Lectures introduce basics to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical & numerical examples with applications in various situations.
Help you to clarify the concept at grass-root level
Reduce books with few GBs of memory storage you can get the best results.
Infinite Revision- There is no time restriction, Read, learn & make notes as many time as you want, within the validity period.
Exercise Sheets- (Level-1 & Level-2) for each chapter to develop problem solving skills. Video solutions to exercise sheets are also provided.
Misuse not possible.

Target Exams: JEE Advanced / JEE Main / BIT-SAT / AIPMT / State PMTs.

Device requirements and compatibility:

Laptop/ Desktop/ Tablet
RAM – 1GB + Hard Disk
Storage– Expandable External Memory upto 32 GB
OS– Windows XP,7, 8 & 10
Internet– One time internet connection required.
Accessible on one device only (any).



Syllabus for Trigonometry and Coordinate
Unit Chapters Lectures QTY Class
Trignometry Trigonometric Ratios 5 11
Trigonometric Equation 5 11
Inverse Trigonometric Function 2 12
Coordinate Point and Straight Line 8 11
Circle 7 11
Parabola 5 11
Ellipse 4 11
Hyperbola 4 11


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