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Free Video Lectures, Video Tutorials for Class XI, XII CBSE Tuition & IIT JEE Preparation:

As part of CSR (Corporate Responsibility Program) of Study Innovations w.r.t. awareness generation among students for availability of free study resources, given below are the links for free video lectures for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics. Prof. Ravi Soni from the Dept. of Physics, IIT Delhi is the national coordinator and IIT Delhi has coordinated this entire effort in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource & Development.

You can pass on the information to your friends/relatives and needy children.

While studying the video lectures, if you require any assistance for doubt removal by an expert live face to face teacher anytime anywhere, sign up at or call 9811000616. is one of India’s largest educational platform that provides ONLINE TUITION, ONLINE HOME TUITION & COACHING for ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS STUDIES, ECONOMICS FOR CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, STATE BOARDS, NTSE, OLYMPIADS, JEE main, JEE advanced & NEET along with provision of a FREE TRIAL CLASS at

Here are the links for Video lectures:

Biology Video Lectures:

Chemistry Video Lectures:

Mathematics Video Lectures:

Physics Video Lectures:

Free Study Materials for XI & XII

Biology Study Material class XI:

Biology Study Material class XII:

Chemistry Study Material class XI:

Chemistry Study Material class XII:

Mathematics Study Material class XI:

Mathematics Study Material class XII:

Physics Study Material class XI:

Physics Study Material class XII:

Free Study Notes for Class XI & XII

Biology Free Study Notes

Chemistry Free Study Notes

Physics Free Study Notes

Mathematics Free Study Notes

Commerce Free Study Notes

Economics Free Study Notes

NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Class 6 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Science Mathematics Hindi

Class 7 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Science Mathematics English Social-Studies

Class 8 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Social-Studies Science Mathematics

Class 9 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Science Mathematics Hindi

Class 10 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Social-Studies Science Mathematics Hindi English

Class 11 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Physics Mathematics  English Economics

Chemistry  Business Studies  Accountancy  Biology

Class 12 NCERT Solutions chapter wise:

Physics Mathematics English Economics Chemistry

Business Studies Biology Accountancy


Free e-books, flip-books, e-learning books, digital books for NCERT Solutions:

Class 12th NCERT Solutions e-books:

Physics  Mathematics Part I   Mathematics Part II  Mathematics Part III   Biology  Chemistry  English  Business Studies  Accountancy  English  Economics

Class 11th NCERT Solutions e-books:

Physics   Mathematics  Chemistry  Biology

Class 10th NCERT Solutions e-books:

Science   Mathematics   English

Class 9th NCERT Solutions e-books:


Free e-books, flip-books, e-learning books, digital books for Class 11 & 12 Study Material :

Physics Book Class 12th Physics Book Class 11th 

Botany Book Class 11th & 12th  Zoology Book Class 11th & 12th

Chemistry Book Class 12th Chemistry Book Class 11th

Mathematics Book Class 12th Mathematics Book Class 11th

Test Papers

Botany Class 11th & 12th Free Flip-Book

HC Verma Physics Solutions. Free Download by Teaching Care

Click Here to Download H C Verma Physics Solutions

Free Video Daily Practice Papers (Video DPP), Video Practice Test Papers, Video Class Tests, Video Mock Tests : For JEE, NEET, CBSE & Foundation

Study Material Samples

The study material given above as free is not at all part of paid study material of Study Innovations. Study Innovations is an organisation that works to help students, teachers, tuition centres, coaching institutes and educational entrepreneurs so that quality educational resources could penetrate each & every corner of the country, each & every village as well as each & every remote area of the country so as to contribute in India becoming a knowledge super power by ensuring delivery of quality education to all. That’s why Study Innovations is the only organisation that provides editable study packages to teachers, tuition centres, coaching institutes and educational entrepreneurs so that they could establish themselves as a brand coaching and come up with a strong footing in their educational endeavours. The costs of the study packages is kept reasonably low. Please do not indulge in buying from fraudulent people who claim to be Franchise/dealers of Study Innovations and claim to have Study Innovations’s samples & study material. Study Innovations does not have any franchise/branches. You should buy at only OR call 9643334292, 9868025442 (WhatsApp No.) or Chat on WhatsApp for any queries.