Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Study Innovation’s CSR activities include Helping Stray Animals by mobilizing community efforts as well as individual & organizational efforts. As a responsible organization, we do believe that protecting & helping stray animals would contribute to wildlife conservation & Environmental Protection.

Stray animals need human love, help & support in order to survive. God has made human beings as trustees of earth. We are expected to care, support & lend a helping hand to the helpless animals so that these voiceless beings can also co-exist with us peacefully.

Indian street dogs do need the most urgent help.

Dog breeding for Sale & Purchase of foreign breed dogs in India has emerged as a huge threat to Indian breed of dogs.

There is a mad race for buying the foreign breed of dogs at very high prices. As a result, no one is willing to buy or adopt the Indian dogs even though the Indigenous Indian varieties of dogs are healthier, sturdier, more beautiful, loving and available free of cost. Consequently, Indian dogs are being replaced out of Indian homes by the foreign breed dogs.

Commercialization, branding & sale of foreign dog breeds for profits has increased population of foreign breeds in Indian homes and has led to excessive neglect & desertification of Indian dogs, hence, population of Indian dogs in the streets has increased to such a high scale never seen before.

Out of many days of hunger, plight, neglect, kicking & frustration, sometimes, these street dogs act in an attack mode that gains media headlines but real cause of their plight is not highlighted nor Govt puts a ban on breeding for sale.

Plight of Indian female dogs is more worse than its male counterpart. Some people, sometimes, adopt male of Indian dogs but females are never adopted or are rarely adopted if someone is too generous & kind.

As part of our collective social responsibility to wild life, Study Innovations has been helping the Indian breed of stray dogs ranging from helping a helpless stray puppy or dog, providing food & shelter & even adopting them when no one is ready to adopt them especially the female puppies.

However, on account of the limited resources, we do believe that community contribution & help in this regard would enhance our resources to help these voiceless animals to a much larger scale.

Your help definitely counts a lot. Even a Rs. 1 help of your in cash or kind may be a life savior for a helpless animal.

If you wish to help & share your love for these animals, kindly DONATE at the link below.

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For more details, you can also visit our Facebook Page named Help Stray Animals

Thanks for being Kind, Generous & Benevolent to Animals.