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Anxiety and Depression in Children – Cause and Treatment 1

Anxiety and Depression in Children – Cause and Treatment 1

Education neglected the INNER GROWTH. Our educations systems outrightly rejected the realm of INNER SELF, SELF AWARENESS and WHO AM I. The educations systems all over the world merely burdened the delicate minds with information and knowledge of outer world only and too heavily focussed on achieving merely materialistic goals in life without teaching the students how to live life, how to live happily, how to live peacefully under all circumstances and how to handle himself or herself. As a result, education systems produced LIVING ROBOTS WITH DEGRATED HUMAN VALUES AND INSENSITIVITY that generated anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and mental abnormalities in society in general. Education needs to teach and make students experience the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) in addition to IQ and EQ. Yoga, Meditation (mindfulness), Pranayam must be inducted as an compulsory discipline in all educational streams to bring back the human back to its roots and save the planet earth from destruction in the mad race of consumerism and materialism. Thanks Dr. R. Singh Director TEACHING CARE

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