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77 P   1. IIT–JEE Syllabus First and second law of thermodynamics; Internal energy; enthalpy, work and heat; heats of reaction, fusion, and vaporisation, Hess’s law; pressure – volume work.   Thermodynamics  The study of the transformation of energy is called thermodynamics. Actually, it deals with energy in its various forms, which include thermal, chemical, […]

Solid State and its solutions

 23 1.      IIT–JEE Syllabus                2.      Differences Between Crystalline and Amorphous Substances 3.      Unit Cells 4.      External features of Crystals 5.      Crystal Systems 6.      Bravais Lattices 6.1  Primitive Cubic Unit Cell 6.2  Body Centered Cubic Unit Cell 6.3  Face Centered Cubic Unit Cell 6.4  Hexagonal Primitive Unit Cell                               7.      Close Packing of Spheres […]

Electro Chemistry & Electrochemistry Solutions

Electrochemistry deals with interdependence of chemical energies and electrical energies. Such interactions are observed at the boundaries between electrolytes and electrodes dipping in them. Electrochemistry holds a central position in the study of chemistry for a number of reasons:- i)   It acts as a bridge between thermodynamics and the rest of the chemistry. ii)  It […]

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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Transition elements and coordination compounds

In this chapter we deal with the Transition Elements and their Physicochemical properties followed by the discussion of inner transition or f-block elements. The Co-ordination Chemistry has been discussed with respect to the Werner’s Theory. Further the Co-ordination Compounds have been discussed with focus on the nomenclature of the complexes and their stereochemistry. Finally the […]

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis     Welcome to this colourful zone. Visualize colours varying from white to red, black to golden and, what not. Be ready to face undesirable odour and corrosion too. Yes, we are talking about this chapter Qualitative Analysis where the radicals are ready to decode themselves after very planned and systematic activity. In […]

Preparation & Properties of Compounds

In this chapter you will study the preparation of various important compounds, their different properties. You will also see the various types of reactions they undergo. In order to make the study systematic and convenient the chapter has been divided into two parts. We have kept aluminium, Boron and silicon and their related compounds in […]

Ores & Metallurgy

Extraction of metals from their respective ores is a very scientific process and the theme of this chapter is to explore this process. You will find ores of various metal that is found in the nature and method of extraction of the metals from their respective ores. This chapter also deals with various processes involved […]

Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers

  Carbohydrates are the source that we rely on mostly for energy. What are these carbohydrates? We can encounter carbohydrates at almost every turn of our daily lives. The paper on which this material is printed is largely cellulose; so too is the cotton of our clothes and wood of our houses. So, carbohydrates meet […]

Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives

Organic compound containing carboxyl group or groups are called carboxylic acids. The functional group contains CARBOnly and hydroXYL groups directly bonded to each other. They can be prepared by oxidation of primary alcohols or aldehydes; ozonolysis of alkenes followed by oxidation. However, the properties of carboxylic acids are not simply the combined properties of the  […]