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CHEMICALS IN MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE   Chemotherapy    Chemical substances of natural or synthetic origin which are used for curing diseases and reducing suffering from pain are called medicines or drugs. The branch of science which deals with the treatment of diseases using suitable chemicals is known as chemotherapy.    DRUGS AND MEDICINES   […]

Chemical Kinetics-RC

INTRODUCTION Chemical Kinetics is the branch of science that deals with rate of reaction, factors affecting the rate of reaction and reaction – mechanism. Different reactions occur at different rate. In fact a chemical reaction involves redistribution of bonds –– breaking of bond(s) in the reactant molecule(s) and making of bonds in the product molecule(s). […]


INTRODUCTION It is an experimental fact that most of the process including chemical reactions, when carried out in a closed vessel, do not go to completion. They proceed to some extent leaving considerable amounts of reactants & products. When such stage is reached in a reaction, it is said that the reaction has attained the […]


CHEMICAL BONDING  INTRODUCTION A molecule is formed if it is more stable and has lower energy than the individual atoms. Normally only electrons in the outermost shell of an atom are involved in bond formation and in this process each atom attains a stable electronic configuration of inert gas. Atoms may attain stable electronic configuration […]


          CONCEPT  BULDING  TEST   Time:-12min Marks:-12   Balance the following redox reactions:  

atomic question

FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES Atoms are made up-essentially, of three fundamental particles, which differ in mass and electric charge as follows: Electron Proton Neutron Symbol e or e– p n Approximate relative mass 1/1836 1 1 Approximate relative charge −1 +1 0 Mass in kg 9.109534 × 10−31 1.6726485 × 10−27 1.6749543 × 10−27 Mass in amu […]


ASSGINMENT Krypton (36 Kr) has the electronic configuration [Ar] 4s23d10Ap6. The 37th electron will go into which sub orbital. Ans: 5s   Electronic configuration 1s22s22p63s13p1 is correctly described by The ground state of Na The ground state of Mg The excited state of Mg The excited state of Al +3    What is the total […]


INTRODUCTION Alkyl halides or halo alkanes are compounds in which a halogen is bonded to an alkyl group. They have the general formula RX (where R is alkyl group CnH2n+1) X is halogen atom.  Alkyl halides are classified as primary, secondary and tertiary alky halides depending on whether the halogen atom is attached to a […]

Aldehydes & Ketones

CARBONYL COMPOUNDS INTRODUCTION  Both aldehydes & ketones contain carbonyl group as their functional group.  Structure of carbonyl group  Both aldehydes & ketones have carbonyl group as the functional group. The carbonyl carbon is sp2 hybridised & it uses sp2 hybrid orbitals to form 3σ bonds, one with oxygen atom & remaining 2 with two other […]