NEET Study Material via Google Drive

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NEET Study Material / Medical Entrance Exams Study Material-

  • Complete NEET Study material Package (Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology) as per the exam pattern.
  • Arranged systematically class wise (XI, XII), subject wise, chapter wise & topic wise. Includes:
  • Exhaustive THEORY of all topics with illustrations, solved examples, diagrams, tables, flow charts, graphs etc.
  • Chapter Test & Chapter Assignment is given at the end of Theory of each chapter.
  • Exercises with answers in every chapter (12,000 + Questions)
  • Previous Year Questions (PYQ) from Previous JEE Entrance Exams are given at the end of each chapter.

-NEET Study Material package includes Chapter wise Complete NEET Question Bank including Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology (70,000+ Questions).

The NEET Question Bank is arranged in sets.  Some sets of papers have solved examples type questions. All sets have Answers of all questions. Hints & Solutions given wherever required in other sets. Question bank includes all types of Test Papers folders; some topic wise tests, some part syllabus tests, some class XI complete syllabus tests, some class XII complete syllabus tests and some full syllabus Tests of class XI & XII syllabus as per exam pattern.

-NEET Study Material Package also includes Complete NEET Test Series.

NEET Test Series includes all types of Test Papers; some topic wise tests, some part syllabus tests, some class XI complete syllabus tests, some class XII complete syllabus tests and some full syllabus Tests of class XI & XII.

All Questions have answers. Some sets of Papers have answers only. Some sets of Papers have answers & solutions wherever required. Whereas some sets of Papers have answers along with solutions.

More precisely, in NEET test series,

  1. There are more than 300 papers with answers only.
  2. There are 18 papers with answers; & solutions wherever required. And
  3. There are 139 papers with answers as well as solutions details of which is given as follows

95 CHAPTER TESTS (Chapter-wise Test- CHE 30, BIO 38, PHY 42). Each chapter test has 45 questions.

10 Part Tests (180 Question Pattern)

32 Full Syllabus Tests /Mock Tests (24 Mock Tests 200 Question Pattern; 8 Tests 180 Question Pattern)

– Overall total number of questions in entire NEET study material package is close to 1,50,000.

-Self explanatory content that can be used by students with least amount of guidance.

-Prepared by IITians, Doctors, Coaching faculties and Experts

-Complete Syllabus with all chapters
-You can study it in your PC / Laptop / Computer/Tablet/Mobile anytime anywhere.
-Student friendly arrangement of folders with 15,000 + pages in reader friendly format

-No validity limits

-Printable, Unlimited Prints.

-Includes all three formats – PDF version, Office Word format as well as PageMaker version of each file. However, following Papers are provided in Word & PDF format only

95 Chapter wise Tests (of Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

10 Part Tests

32 Full Tests /Mock Tests

-PageMaker Software & PageMaker Key also provided free of cost.

– Completely in WHITE-LABEL i.e. No hidden logo, No header, No footer or No watermark of Study Innovations.

– Ready to Use

-No internet required

-Highly useful for Students, Teachers, Tutors, Faculties, Coaching Institutes, Coaching Experts, Tuition Centres. Simply print & distribute to your students as your own study material or share to students via WhatsApp, email or your website.

-No returns applicable

-Total Material more than 5.0 GB

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