Measurement of MLT – Physics Paper


Q.1:- The parallax of a Heavenly body measured from two points diametrically opposite on equator of earth is 1.0 minute . If the radius of earth is 6400 km, from the distance of the heavenly body from the centre of earth in AU, taking 1 AU =  m

Q.2:- The angle subtended by moon at a point on earth is 0  . If the distance of moon from earth is 3.34 m, find the the diameter of moon.

Q.3:- Ten drops of olive oil of radius 0.20 mm spread into a circular film of radius 14.6 cm. on the surface of water. Estimate the size of an oil molecule.

Q.4:- Two atomic clocks allowed to run for average life of an Indian (say, 70 years) differ by 0.2 s only. Calculate the accuracy of standard atomic clock in measuring a time interval of 1 sec.

Q.5:- Suggest a distance corresponding to each of the following order of length :

(a) m        (b)  m        (c)  m      (d)  m       (e)  m       (f)  m       (g)  m

Q.6:- The screw of a spherometer moves by 4 mm. When its circular scale is given four complete rotations. If circular scale has 200 divisions, calculate pitch and least count of the spherometer.

Q.7:- When circular scale of a screw gaug carrying 100 divisions is given four complete rotations, the head of the screw moves through 2 mm. Calculate pitch and least count of the screw gauge.

Q.8:- Mention repetitive phenomena in nature which could serve as time standards. Which one is most suitable ?

Q.9:- What is the basic principal of alpha particle scattering method for estimating the size of the nucleus ?