Article Writing

Article Writing


Ø Read the question carefully


Ø Make some points to be covered

Ø Expand the points in 3-4 paragraphs

Ø Plan, organize and present ideas coherently

Ø Be creative

Ø Take care of grammar

Ø Use proper layout

Writing an article is a challenging task. It needs creativity, good vocabulary, good

knowledge of the subject and skill to organize ideas.


To focus on themes like social concern, narrating an event, description of a place, etc.


  • Heading/Title- must be catchy and sharp
  • By- name of the author
  • Body

I Para- Introduction- Start with a slogan, a question, an amazing fact, figure or


II/III Para- Causes, effects, present state of affairs, etc.

IV Para- Draw solutions and conclusions

Solved Example

1– You decide to write an article in the school magazine on how it is important to

save the planet, Earth. Write the article in about 180 words.


Save the planet, Earth


This is a cause of complete concern across the globe today. The global warming has

accelerated the rise of temperature on earth which is said to have risen by 40 C. The sea

level is also rising. The glaciers are also melting away. There has been very less rainfall

in the recent years resulting in the scarcity of food around the world. The death rate due

to starvation has increased immensely. We, the human beings are solely responsible for

this calamity. We pollute our planet in many ways. Deforestation, industrial pollution,

toxic wastes, vehicular pollution and lack of greenery are the chief causes of imbalance

in the ecosystem.


The urgent need of the hour is that each one of us takes step to save the planet in every

possible way. We should protect our forests, save fuel, plant trees, take care of toxic

pollutants, conserve water and change our life style.

Awareness programmes must be launched by the students and NGOs to make people

aware of environmental problems. The public should avoid the use of polythene bags.

All of us must strive hard to save our beautiful planet for the future generations.



Video games, Internet, Cell Phones and other high-tech gear are just part of

growing up in a digital world. But parents are concerned about the amount of time

their children spend with these and worry that it might be distracting and

cramping academic and social development.

Using your own ideas and those taken from the unit ―Science‖, write an article in 180

words, describing both the benefits and harms of using these high-tech devices.


High Tech Device- Boon or Bane

The present day high-tech gear is just part of growing up in a digital world.

Nevertheless one cannot deny that all these gadgets have become a part and parcel of

our daily lives. Besides we have become highly dependent on these devices. This is

more so in the case of children. Their lives are completely ruled by these devices.

These devices have many benefits. They have made our lives easier and more

comfortable. They have made the world jump forward with a leap, and built up a

glittering modern world. They have also opened innumerable avenues for the growth of

knowledge and have given a definite form to the wild imagination of man. They have

indeed revolutionised every sphere of life. But on the other hand the excessive interest

of children in these gadgets, has made parents concerned and worried. Children spend a

great deal of time on these gadgets like video games, internet, cell phones etc the

parents feel that excessive use of these gadgets will definitely be destructive for the

children. This could also cramp their academic and social development. If children are

not checked, they would continue to waste time on these gadgets.


They will recline into their own high-tech shell. Thereupon it will become very difficult

for parents to bring them out of this world. If these high- tech devices are used in

moderation they can fulfill the purpose for which they have been invented.


Questions for practice:

1- India is a country of temples, lakes and monuments which exhibits fine architecture.

India is regarded as favourite tourist attraction. But as a country, we need to promote

tourism, make people aware of its importance and make it a safe destination for the

tourists. By using the information and ideas from the unit ―Travel and tourism‖ together

with your own ideas, write an article in about 150 words.

2- Write an article on the given topic using hints given below in not more than 150


Mobile Phones: a modern utility or a health hazard


A- Use of mobile phones

i- 50% of India is going to have mobile phone by 2012

ii- Growing at a fast rate.

B- Utility of Mobile phones

i- Keeps well connected

ii- Inexpensive

iii- Handy

iv- Helps in personal and professional tasks

C- Health Hazards posed by Mobile phones

i- Electromagnetic radiation

ii- Distraction while driving

  1. You are Ruchi. Once you got a chance to visit a remote village of Rajasthan. You

noticed the girl children did not go to school. Write an article on ―Need to educate the

girl child‖ for the school magazine.

  1. What goes inside the mind of terrorists and why they commit such heinous crimes

which lead to the deaths of so many innocents, no one knows. The recent bomb blasts

at various metros of the country have left everyone shocked. You are Sania/Sonik.

Write an article in about 150 words on Terrorism-A threat to Humanity by taking help

from the points given below.

Terrorism has taken deep roots

Terrorists attack anywhere, any time

Have a vast network, Use latest technology

Solutions :

Combating this evil is everybody‘s duty should be vigilant

Security forces to upgrade technology.