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How to earn money by online tuition classes – Teaching Care

How to earn money by online tuition classes – Teaching Care

How to earn money by online tuition classes : Online tutoring in India has opened new ways of making money smartly for Indian Teachers. Indian teachers are now able to teach a huge market of students from all over India and abroad. With internet penetration in almost whole of India via broadband & mobile data has made online tutoring a lucrative business for teachers in India. A new generation of technology empowered teachers is getting ready out of young graduates and post graduates from all streams ranging from languages, engineering, medical, commerce, arts, humanities, computer science & technology. Even educationally qualified housewives are getting extra income generated via part time online tutoring. The regular full time teachers from government schools, private schools & coaching centers are earning extra money by part time online tutoring. Many of the full time teachers from offline coaching institutes have switched over to full time online tutoring given the ease, convenience & money making opportunity in online live tuition and online live coaching. Requirements for online tutoring: 1. Knowledge of Online Classroom tools: The first requirement for online tutoring is to know about the online classroom; and tools of online classroom. An online classroom is a two way live interactive classroom with real time audio video communication between the student and teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, youtube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision. Students can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher. An hour or two hours of practice of online classroom tools makes you ready for online tutoring. 2. Presentation : Teaching is an art. Knowledge is not the only requirement in teaching profession. Some teachers with average knowledge can do wonders in class while others with excellent knowledge get poor feedback from students in the absence of proper presentation and proper delivery of knowledge. Hence, those who do not have teaching experience should get training from some professional tutoring company or coaching institute or at least get a personalized demo feedback on any topic from expert of professional tutoring organization or coaching institute. The expert gives you personal feedback about your demo lecture regarding your lecture plan, content planning, knowledge, lecture delivery, presentation, communication skills, interaction, fluency, accent, self -confidence, nervousness, time management,and lecture speed. It’s better to take such training or feedback from professional online tutoring companies as they will also train you about tools of online virtual classroom and will also provide you free class links to practice tools of online classroom. Some professional online tutoring companies from where you can get tutor training are : 1. Teaching Care Private Limited ( 2. Vedantu 3. Byju’s 4. Unacademy Thanks. All the Best. Teaching Care : Online Live Tuition Classes

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