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How to Take Online Classes or Offline Classes. Teacher Training by Teaching Care

How to Take Online Classes or Offline Classes. Teacher Training by Teaching Care

HOW TO TEACH ONLINE CLASSES OR OFFLINE CLASSES. Teaching an Art. Issued in public interest towards educational reforms. Presented by Dr. R. Singh, Director Live Online Classes. Formerly Faculty Aakash Institute, New Delhi and Amity, New Delhi. Topic to be covered : Knowledge Presentation Delivery of Knowledge Lecture Planning Content Planning Lecture Rehearsal Communication Language Fluency Accent Interaction Class Control Feedback Teaching Experience Basic Difference in Teaching by School Teacher and Coaching Teacher. 1. Knowledge Basics of the topic must be clear. i.e. Fundamental Concept Clarity must be the focus during the class. Knowledge is only a part of the holistic art of teaching. Delivery of knowledge in an effective way is the primary requirement in teaching -learning process Knowledge without delivery skills is a burden. 2. Lecture Planning In one hour of lecture, what are you going to teach, how are you going to teach, which topic, what contents, how much contents, mode of contents (PDF, Power Point presentation/ slides, word files, Youtube video, animation, images) i.e. content planning is an important part of lecture planning Lecture planning helps in effective time management 3. Delivery of Knowledge Lecture planning Come to the level of student. Average student to intelligent students. Interact with the student. Two way interaction Ensure that the student is understanding whatever are you teaching. Take the topic from basic concept to higher level systematically Revise, re-explain. Soft polite but professional approach to keep the student calm, relaxed, and open up. Encourage student to ask doubts and clarify the confusions if any 4. Delivery of Knowledge in Group Class Each and every student has paid, hence, each and every student must be satisfied. Strike a balance in level & depth of teaching so that average as well as the most intelligent students all of them grasp it and understand it. Interact more with students in group class. Ask questions to understand whether they are understanding or not. 5. Presentation Be confident but polite. Never become nervous. Self Confidence is the key. Have Patience. Remain assertive with complete class control Practice online classroom tools in advance. Use a mix of writing, typing, pdf document, slides show, video, image or animation in order to keep the class more interesting and engaging. Always stay calm and composed. Speak sufficiently loud and clear. Keep the class pace in such a way that student is understanding at that pace. Neither too slow nor too fast. 6. Communication Speak sufficiently loud and clear. Test audio, ensure audio volume is sufficient. Stable internet connection with sufficient speed and sufficient data balance. 2Mbps, wifi is prefered over mobile data. PC/computer : working smoothly 7. Language : Language is merely a medium. Choose a language in which you can explain and clarify your teaching easily and comfortably and the student also understands and comprehends in that language easily and comfortably. For Indian Students: In general, Teachers mostly use mix of English and Hindi. For International students: English Only. Accent also needs to be taken care of 8. Fluency Teacher should be fluent and lecture should be conducted smoothly. Fluency also depends on your knowledge, lecture planning, content planning, teaching experience and confidence. 9. Accent For international students the accent should be atleast neutral. However, little bit of international accent (American Accent or British Accent) makes the lecture more comfortable for the international student). 10. Teaching Experience Experience has no alternative. Despite excellent academic record and passing out from IITs and NITs, teachers learn many things from the students regarding how to teach effectively especially during initial first two years of their teaching experience. 11. Difference in school teacher and coaching teacher. Although exceptions are always there but I am talking here in general. A. Coaching Teachers High Salary Result oriented, outcome oriented teaching Focus on concept clarity and practice. No Book Reading and No Notes in hand during class Topic on tips Plan lecture in advance Vigorous teacher training Class monitored via camera More exposure Accountable and responsible to satisfy each and every student in the class Doubt and Discussion Cell Regular Tests Better quality study material or study notes B. School Teaching: Teaching profession in schools needs to be incentivised. Improved salary to teachers will enhance quality of education. Schools charge too high fee from parents but pay too little salary to teachers. Schools need to focus more on concept clarity and outcome based fundamental teaching. Teacher training needs to improve.

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