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How to Take Online Classes or Offline Classes. Part 1: Knowledge. Teacher Training by Teaching Care

How to Take Online Classes or Offline Classes. Part 1: Knowledge. Teacher Training by Teaching Care

Teacher Training Lecture by Dr. R. Singh Director Teaching Care Live Online Classes. Topic: How to take Online Classes or Offline Classes. Part 1 : Knowledge. Various aspects covered in this Video lecture are as follows: Knowledge Basics of the topic must be clear. i.e. Fundamental Concept Clarity must be the focus during the class. Knowledge is only a part of the holistic art of teaching. Delivery of knowledge in an effective way is the primary requirement in teaching -learning process. Knowledge without delivery skills is a burden. Level of Knowledge required for teaching School exams, board exams, JEE (Engineering Entrance Exams), NEET ( Medical Entrance Exams). Study Materials and Books Required. Brief outline Video of First Lecture regarding How to take online classes or offline classes : All Aspects of Teaching is given in this link: Next video regarding Teacher Training will be on the topic : Delivery of Knowledge. Teaching Care provides Online classes by best teachers; online tuition classes and live interactive coaching for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, state boards, NTSE, Olympiads, JEE and NEET, Teacher Training, Teacher training course, Teacher training course in Delhi, Teacher training Institute in Delhi, Teacher training in India, teacher training by CBSE, how to take online classes, how to take online classes for students, how to take offline classes, How to teach, how to teach online classes, how to teach online classes from home, how to teach online classes in India, how to teach offline classes, skill development, best teachers, online classes by best teachers, best online classes, best teachers, best tutors, teachers for CBSE preparation, teacher for JEE coaching, Teacher for NEET preparation, teaching medical entrance exams NEET, teaching for engineering entrance exam JEE, trained teachers, teacher training institute, teaching career, teaching jobs, how to become a teacher, Teaching Care, Online Classes, Online coaching classes by best teachers. Thanks. Teaching Care Online Classes.

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