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Class Test: Human Health & Diseases                                    No. of Questions 50

Directions: In the following questions, the Assertions (A) and Reason(s) (R) have been put forward. Read both the statements carefully and choose the correct alternative from the following:
(A) Both the Assertion and the Reason are correct and the Reason is the correct explanation of the Assertion.
(B) The Assertion and the Reason are correct but the Reason is not the correct explanation of the Assertion.
(C) Our Assertion is true but the Reason is false.
(D) Both the statements are false.

  1. Assertion: Macrophages are multipurpose cells of the body’s defence mechanism.

Reason : They carry on phagocytosis, display the antigens of the engulfed microbes to the lymphocytes and secrete interleukin-I.

A    B   C    D
2. Assertion: Improper use or overuse of antibiotics is harmful.

Reason: It may exterminate the microorganisms which produce antibiotics.

A    B    C    D
3′ Assertion: Athletes haye a strong lure for anabolic steroids.
Reason: They improve their musculature, strength, endurance and performance.

A    B    C    D
4. Assertion : Pregnant women should avoid medication as far as possible. Reason: It is economical. t
A    B ‘ .    C    D
5.    Assertion: Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is not desirable as it is teratogenic.
Reason: It causes physical and mental defects in the offspring called foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

A    B    C    D
6-    Assertion: All the drugs act on the brain (nerve cells).
Reason : The drugs either inhibit the production or action of neurotransmitter (depressants) or increase neurotransmitter production (stimulants).
A    B,    C    D
7. Assertion -. Epileptic pregnant women should avoid use of anticonvulsants. Reason: They cause foetal hydan.toin syndrome (FHS)
A    B     C    D
8. Assertion: There was thalidomidedisaster during the years 1958 to 1961.

Reason: Thalidomide use caused a killer disease.
A    B    C    D
9. Assertion: Hemp products are sedatives. Reason: Caffeine is a pain killer.
A    B    C    D
10. Assertion: Morphine is the most effective analgesic.
Reason: It binds to the postsynaptic membrane and blocks the binding of neurotransmitters.

A    B    C    D
11. Assertion: Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is not desirable.
Reason  Alcohol causes physical and mental defects in the offspring called foetal alcohol syndrome—(FAS).
A        B      C    D

  1. Assertion: Smoking causes cancer of tongue, lips and lungs. “

Reason: Smoking mutates the critical gene P53 which protects the body from cancer.

A  B “C D

16- Assertion: Smoking in low degree is helpful.

Reason : Nicotine of tobacco smoke, in low doses, stimulates the conduction ofnerveimpulses and relaxes the muscles.

A B C’ D

  1. Assertion: Physiological damage caused by smoking is not reversed even if smoking is given up. Reason: Passive smoking makes the damage persist.


  1. Assertion: Smoking increases secretion of gastric juice even when there is no food in the stomach. Reason: This is aimed at quickening the digestion of food when taken.


  1. Assertion: Smoking in a public place is a criminal act.

Reason: Tobacco smoke pollutes the air and harms the passive smokers. A B C ‘ D

  1. Assertion: Alcoholism and tobacco smoking are regarded social diseases. Reason: Both adversely affect the individuals and their families.


  1. Assertion: Addicts often take alcohol and barbiturates together.’ “1 Reason: The combination of these two substances is less harmful to’the body.

a b c D

  1. Assertion : The carrier protein, cytochrome P450, detoxifies the harmful contents of the tobacco smoke in the lungs.

Reason : This is the only and normal role of the Cyto-chrome P450.


  1. Assertion : In alcoholic drink, the alcohol is converted into glucose in the liver. . Reason: Liver cells are able to produce glucose from alcohol by back fermentation.

A B ‘ C D

  1. Assertion: Phagocytes capture and digest microbes.

Reason Killer T-cells approach the body cells covered with viruses, and destroy such cells before viruses can enter and multiply to spread infection.


  1. Assertion: Lymphocytes arise in the bone marrow, and differentiate in the bursal lymphoid tissues or in the thymus into B-cells and T-cells respectively.

Reason : B-cells and T-cells are prepared for providing humoral andicell-mediated immunity respectively. a b c d

  1. Assertion: Second infection of the same pathogen is quickly eliminated

Reason: Preformed memory B- and T- cells mount a quick and vigomusattack on pathogens reentering the body.

A B C d .

  1. Assertion: It is beneficial to feed the new-born infants on mother’s, Reason: It develops deep affection between the offspring and mother.

a b c d

28 Assertion: Secondary immune response is quicker and stronger tnan tne primary one.

Reason : Memory cells conversant with the re-coming antigens are ready to combat the invaders.

a b c d

30 Assertion: Macrophages occur only in the connective tissue. Reason: Role of neutrophils is different from that of macrophages.

A B c d

31 Assertion: Mild fever strengthens the defence mechanism of the body.

Reason: High temperature is harmful and should be brought down by giving antipyretics and by applying cold packs.

a b c d

32 Assertion: Interferons help eliminate viral infections.

Reason: Interferons released by infected cells, reach the nearby uninfected cells and make them resistant to viral infection.

a b c d

33 . Hybhidomas are made from combining

  1. A) monoclonal antibodies with myeloma cells
    B) B cells with specific epitopes
    C) B cells with myeloma cells
    D) T cells with myeloma cells
    E) monoclonal antigens with myeloma cells

34 Monoclonal antibodies are used for

  1. A) antibody replacement in people lacking B cells
    B) diagnosing microbial diseases
    C) stem cell research
    D) cloning tissues

35All of the following are needed to produce monoclonal antibodies except

  1. A) animal to inject
    B) microtiter plate to separate single hybridoma cells
    C) polyethylene glycol
    D) polyvalent antigen

36 Monoclonal antibodies are derived from a single cloned B cell.

  1. A) True
    B) False

37A myeloma cell is a cancer cell that grows continuously.

  1. A) True
    B) False
  2. Tears contain…
    A. IgA
    B. IgG
    C. IgM
    D. all of the above

    39. Macrophages…
    A. circulate in the blood stream
    B. produce nitric oxide
    C. have receptors for IgM
    D. are the first leucocytes to arrive at the site of a skin infection
    E. are the main immune cells for dealing with viruses

    40. Phagocytosis…
    A. is carried out by cells of the adaptive immune system
    B. is restricted to macrophages
    C. is important in bacterial infections
    D. is a process that does not involve energy
    E. results in division of the cell

    41. Opsonins include…
    A. perforin
    B. magainins
    C. C9
    D. IFNγ
    E. C3b

    42. Both mast cells and basophils…
    A. are phagocytic
    B. circulate in the blood stream
    C. are found primarily in lymph nodes
    D. have receptors for IgM antibodies
    E. release histamine

    43. Viral replication within cells is inhibited by…
    A. IL-13
    B. IL-1
    C. IFNα
    D. TNFα
    E. IL-4

    44. Cytotoxic T cells generally recognise antigen in association with…
    A. class II MHC determinants
    B. class I MHC determinants
    C. class III MHC determinants
    D. HLA-DR determinants
    E. all the above

45. Elephantiasis is caused by
(a) Dracunculus medinensis
(b) Entrobius vermicularis
(c) Wuchereria bancrofti
(d) None of the above
46.  Confirmatory test commonly employed for diagnosis of AIDS is
(a) Pap test
(b) Widal test
(c) Western blot test
(d) Benedict’s test
47. HIV has a protein coat and a genetic material which is
(a) ss DNA
(b) ds DNA
(c) ss RNA
(d) ds RNA
48. HIV reduces natural immunity of body by destroying
(a) B-lymphocytes
(b) T-lymphocytes
(c) Antibodies
(d) Erythrocytes
49.Widal test is used for diagnosis of
(a) Malaria
(b) Cholera
(c) Typhoid
(d) Yellow fever
50.Bronchogenic carcinoma is cancer of
(a) Breast
(b) Intestine
(c) Lungs
(d) Liver


51 Which type of cancer occurs in lymph nodes and spleen?
(a) Carcinoma
(b) Sarcoma
(c) Leukemia
(d) Lymphoma
52 Metastasis is connected with
(a) Benign tumour
(b) Malignant tumour
(c) Both A and B
(d) Crown gall tumour
53 HIV is retrovirus as its genetic information is contained in
(a) DNA
(b) DNA instead of RNA
(c) RNA instead of DNA
(d) Protein



  1. A; 2. C; 3. A; 4. B ; 5. A ; 6. B ; 7. A ; 8. C; 9. D ; 10. A; 11. A; 12. C; 13. D ; 14. B ; 15. A; 16. A; 17. D ; 18. C; 19. A; 20. B ; 21. C ; 22. C ; 23. D ; 24. B ; 25. A; 26. A ; 27. B ; 28. A; 29. A; 30. D ; 31. B ; 32. A;

33-c 34-b 35-d 36-a 37-a

38 a
39. C
43. C

  1. c