Practice Test Paper Digestion and Absorption part 1 by Teaching Care online tuition and coaching classes

Practice Test paper 

                                     Digestion and Absorption part 1

  1. Vermiform appendix is a part of

(a) Alimentary canal (b) Nervous system (c) Vascular system (d) Reproductive system

  1. Narrower distal end of stomach is called


(a) Cardiac (b) Duodenum (c) Pharynx (d) Pylorus

  1. Brush bordered epithelium is found in


(a) Trachea (b) Stomach (c) Small intestine (d) Fallopian tube

  1. Crypts of Lieberkuhn are present throughout the


(a) Large intestine (b) Gastric mucosa (c) Submucosa of the duodenum (d) Small intestine

  1. Lacteals are found in


(a) Liver (b) Lungs (c) Kidney (d) Villus of intestine

  1. The outermost layer of an alimentary canal is known as


(a) Mucosa (b) Muscular layer (c) Serosa (d) Submucosa

  1. The main region of the alimentary canal in which digested food is absorbed


(a) The oesophagus (b) The stomach (c) The small intestine (d) The caecum and appendix

  1. Crypts of Lieberkuhn contain one of the following part


(a) Kupffer cell (b) Villi of ileum (c) Mast cells (d) Villi of stomach

  1. Pylorus is situated at the junction of


(a) Oesophagus and stomach (b) Stomach and duodenum (c) Duodenum and ileum (d) Ileum and rectum

  1. Lacteals are central lymph vessels which are found in

(a) Liver (b) Pancreas (c) Villi (d) Spleen

  1. The most important centre for the formation of lymph is


(a) Liver (b) Pancreas (c) Spleen (d) Kidney

  1. Peyer’s patches contain


(a) Mucus (b) Sebum (c) Lymphocytes (d) Red blood cells

  1. Intestinal villi are more numerous and larger in posterior part of small intestine than in anterior part because

(a) Digestion is faster in posterior part (b) Blood supply is poor in posterior part (c) There is more digested food in posterior part (d) Blood supply is rich in posterior part

  1. Lymph tissues are present in which part of alimentary canal


(a) Buccopharyngeal cavity (b) Sacculus rotundus (c) Ileum (d) All of these

  1. A pair of small lymphatuic tissue present at the sides of root tongue is called as

(a) Thyroid (b) Tonsils (c) Epiglottis (d) Adenoids

  1. Crypts of Lieberkuhn are found in between the villi. They secrete

(a) Glucagon (b) Succus entericus (c) Insulin (d) None of these

  1. Fundic part of stomach is

(a) Present in rabbit but absent in frog (b) Absent in rabbit but present in frog (c) Absent in both rabbit and frog (d) Present in both rabbit and frog

  1. The disease due to inflammation of vermiform appendix of digestive system is known as

(a) Amoebic dysentery (b) Intestinal cancer (c) Appendicitis (d) None of these

  1. Removal of stomach causes


(a) Dumping syndrome (b) Turner’s syndrome (c) Emphysema (d) None of these

  1. Vermiform appendix is a part of

(a) Intestine (b) Stomach (c) Liver (d) Rectum

  1. The inner surface of large intestine is

(a) Lined by muscular tissue (b) Provided by epithelial tissue (c) Lined by both epithelial and muscular tissue (d) Lined by all four tissues