Practice Test Paper Digestion and Absorption part 2 by Teaching Care online tuition and coaching classes

Practice Test paper  

               Digestion and Absorption part 2


  1. One of the digestive juices that lacks enzymes but aids digestion is

(a) Bile (b) Succus entericus (c) Chyle (d) Chyme

  1. Liver of rabbit is made up of


(a) 4 lobes (b) 6 lobes (c) 5 lobes (d) 7 lobes

  1. Bile juice is a


(a) Secretory product (b) Enzymatic product (c) Excretory product (d) All of he above

  1. Which of the following hormone stimulates the secretion of gastric juice


(a) Secretin (b) Gastron (c) Cholecystokinin (d) Gastrin

  1. The enzymes responsible for the digestion of starch in food of man is present in


(a) The salivary and gastric secretions (b) The salivary and pancreatic secretions (c) The gastric and pancreatic secretions (d) The gastric and duodenal secretions

  1. The amount of gastric juice secreted per day from man’s stomach is about

(a) 5000 ml to 10000 ml (b) 2000 ml to 3000 ml (c) 100 ml to 500 ml (d) 10 ml to 15 ml

  1. Zymogen cells and chief cells secrete


(a) Hydrochloric acid (b) Mucus (c) Pepsin (d) Trypsin

  1. Gastric juice contains


(a) Pepsin, rennin, lipase (b) Pepsin, amylase, rennin (c) Pepsin, amylase, trypsin (d) Lipase, rennin, trypsin

  1. The bile secreted by the liver cells passes into the gall bladder through


(a) Hepato-pancreatic duct (b) Cystic duct (c) Hepatic duct (d) Hepato-gall duct

  1. The chief function of bile is to


(a) Digest fat by enzymatic action (b) Emulsify fats for digestion (c) Eliminate waste products (d) Regulate digestion of proteins

  1. In man, the bile juice secreted per day is


(a) 700 ml (b) 800 ml (c) 1000 ml (d) 1500 ml

  1. Bile salts are poured into the alimentary canal where they are necessary for the absorption of


(a) and (b) Fat soluble vitamins (c) Amino acids and monosaccharides (d) All the nutrients contained in chyme +Na ++Ca

  1. Cholesterol is synthesised in


(a) Pancreas (b) Brunner’s gland (c) Spleen (d) Liver

  1. The first phase in the breakdown of glucose in animal cell is


(a) Glycolysis (b) Electron transport system (c) Fermentation (d) Krebs cycle

  1. In which of the following proteins are absent


(a) Pancreatic juice (b) Saliva (c) Bile (d) Intestinal juice

  1. Bile helps in


(a) Producing enzymes (b) Esterification (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these


  1. Which word best describes the action of bile on fats

(a) Neutralises (b) Digests (c) Emulsifies (d) Absorbs

  1. The pH of amylase present in saliva is


(a) 6 (b) 6.8 (c) 7.2 (d) 8

  1. Saliva is secerted from


(a) Submaxillary and sublingual glands (b) Gastric gland (c) Pancreas (d) Gall bladder

  1. Ptyalin is secreted by


(a) Salivary gland (b) Gastric gland (c) Digestive gland (d) Brunner’s gland

  1. When gall bladder of a man is removed


(a) Fat digestion is not possible (b) Acidity continues in duodenum (c) Effect of pancreatic juice upon food is impaired (d) All of these