Practice Test Paper Human Health and Diseases Part 1 by Teaching Care online tuition and coaching classes

Practice Test Paper Human Health and Diseases Part 1 by Teaching Care online tuition and coaching classes


  1. Polio immunizing vaccine was developed by

(a) E. Jenner (b) Dr. salk (c) St. Hale (d) Landsteiner

  1. The jaundice is a physiological liver disease. It caused by a


(a) Bacterium (b) Virus (c) Protozoan (d) Helminthes

  1. ‘Tuberculosis’ is caused by


(a) Bacterium (b) Virus (c) Protozoan (d) Malnutrition

  1. If a person shows production of interferon in his body, the chances are that he has got an infection of


(a) Typhoid (b) Measles (c) Tetanus (d) Malaria

  1. Pullorum disease of poultry is caused by


(a) Hemophilus (b) Mycobacterium (c) Salmonella (d) Clostridium

  1. Which of the following is not a mental disorder


(a) Plague (b) Epilepsy (c) Neurosis (d) Psychosis

  1. Against which of the following does interferon act


(a) Bacteria (b) Virus (c) Fungus (d) Snake venom

  1. Jaundice is caused by


(a) Contaminated water (b) Pork (c) Excessive sugar (d) Excessive eating of curcuma

  1. Tuberculosis is caused by


(a) Mycobacterium (b) Vibrio (c) Clostridium (d) None of these

  1. Pulse-polio programme is organised in our country


(a) To cure polio (b) To eradicate polio (c) To spread polio (d) None of these


  1. The main reason why antibiotics could not solve all the problems of bacteria mediated diseases is


(a) Insensitivity of the individual following prolonged exposure to antibiotics (b) Inactivation of antibiotics by bacterial enzymes (c) Decreased efficiency of the immune system (d) The development of mutant strains resistant to antibiotics

  1. Which one of the following is a pair of viral disease


(a) Tetanus and typhoid (b) Syphillis and AIDS (c) Whooping cough and sleeping sickness (d) Measles and rabies

  1. Which one of the following correctly matches a sexually transmitted disease with its pathogen


(a) Uretheritis – Bacillus anthracis (b) Soft sore- Bacillus brevis (c) Syphillis – Treponema pallidum (d) Gonorrhoea – Entamoeba histolytica

  1. Leprosy is communicated by


(a) Contact with the diseased parts (b) Prolonged contact with the diseased parts (c) Getting exposed to the diseased parts (d) None of these

  1. The pathogen of bubonic plague is transmitted through the bite of


(a) Pediculus humanis (b) Glossina palpalis (c) Aedes (d) Xenopsylla cheapis

  1. Polio causes


(a) Measles (b) Paralysis (c) Mumps (d) Malaria

  1. The painful skin condition, known as shingles is associated with


(a) Chicken pox (b) Influenza (c) Rabies (d) Polio


  1. In polio patients, the legs get atrophied and paralysed due to

(a) Death of some muscles (b) Shrinkage of muscles (c) Obstruction of muscles (d) Destruction of mucles

  1. ‘Meningitis’ is a disease of


(a) Respiratory system (b) Digestive system (c) Nervous system (d) Excretory system

  1. Which of the following is a viral disease in silkworm


(a) Flacherie (b) Grasserie (c) Muscardine (d) Pebrine