To express views in the public.


  • Salutation or greeting
  • Disclosure
  • Narration of facts, presentation of data, relevant examples, etc.
  • Sensible deviation from the topic
  • Draw conclusion in an innovative and imaginative way.


Solved Example:

  1. Today is women‘s day and you are asked to deliver a speech on changing role of

women in 21st century acknowledging their significant contribution in changing face of

modern era. Your speech should not exceed the limit of 120-150 words.


HINTs: Gone are the days-when women were considered only fit to become home

makers-position remarkably improved-have all rights of equality-possess higher

position without any distinction have made their place in literature ,education

,administration-modern woman- self-confident, Self-respect, we are proud of them.



Respected Principal, Learned Teachers and Friends,

I am glad to have this opportunity of expressing my views on the ROLE OF WOMEN

on women‘s day.

Gone are the days when women considered themselves a weaker sex. Today, they are

neither weak nor inferior .They have proved their worth. Name any field of progress

wherein they have not left their mark? They are known for their sincerity, sensibility,

hard work and timely wit. They have never failed in using them in time of need.

Women like BarkhaDutt, Sonia Gandhi, RahatTaslim who won

1 million rupees in KBC Quiz Contest have left their signature style in whatever field

they chose. Being woman myself, I feel tremendous power in myself and see no reason

to lag behind. I am proud to be woman. We know that modern world cannot afford to

leave women as they have time and again made the world realise their strong presence.

I acknowledge the vital role the women play for the emancipation of the society and

their immense contribution in shaping and creating the definition of this era and

therefore, salute them.


Questions for practice:

1- Ankit, a class X student was asked by his teacher to deliver a speech in the morning

assembly of his school on ―World Environment Day‖-5th June. Using ideas given

below, together with your own, write the speech in not more than 120 words.

  1. Let‘s not pollute the air we breathe!
  2. Wake up in fresh air and maintain cleanliness
  3. Plant trees and see them growing
  4. Fight vehicular pollution


2-You are a member of your school Social Service League. You are visiting a nearby

village to speak to the villagers how smoking is a silent killer of life, besides being

drain on the limited income of an average man. Prepare your speech and also mention

how vital organs are affected due to smoking, how it is harmful even to those who do

not smoke but happen to be seen with smokers and how we should educate people on

the dangerous effects of smoking. Restrict your speech to 150 words.