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Solved Example

1- Imagine you are Raghav, a class X student of Army School Agra Cantt. You are

living as paying guest at 24-D Sadar bazaar Idgah, Agra. Write a letter to your father

telling him about the prize which you have won by standing first in the Chess

Competition during annual sports day celebration.



24-D,Sadar Bazaar




15 April, 2015


Dear father,


The annual sports day celebration was held on last Monday. Brigadier RP Singh

presided over the function.


You will be glad to know that I got the first prize by winning the inter-house Chess

competition. There were many prize winners. When I was called, the students and the teachers gave a loud applause. The chief guest, Brigadier RP Singh, gave me the prize

and congratulated me. It was a very big moment for me. I wish you had been here.


Convey my best regards to Mom, brother and Ruchi.


Yours lovingly



  1. You are Mangla. On the basis of the notes given below, write a letter in about

150 words to your friend Radha, telling her about the dangers of drug addiction



Why drug abuse? No single reason- addicts start out of curiosity-for pleasure-to get

over boredom, symptom :

Loss of interest in sports, daily routine, appetite-puffy eyes-unclear vision-mood

changes-temper tantrums.

Strike Drugs Before They Strangle You.


  1. You have just witnessed the impact of evaluation through grades, instead of marks in

class ten Board results. Write a letter to your younger cousin advising him how to deal

with changes.


  • Good grades— consistent, continuous effort
  • Once a 9 or 10 point average, you are slotted with the best
  • One mark may make you lose or gain the next grade
  • Grades bring in several toppers



Practice Questions-

1-You are Anuj/Ambuja of class X living in the hostel of KV 1 Delhi Cantt. Write a

letter to your mother telling her how you prepared Maggi for the first time in your



2-You are Abhay/ Abha living in Surat. You have been invited to attend your friend‘s

marriage. You are not able to attend the marriage due to personal problems. Write a

letter to your friend congratulating him and showing your inability to attend his


3-Write a letter to your father asking him to send money as you have to buy the new

books, pay the school fee and hostel charges for the new academic session.

4- Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on getting admission in MBBS. Also

ask some tips about her success.