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Student feedback about Teaching Care Online Live Tuition Classes & Coaching by best teachers

Student feedback about Teaching Care Online Live Tuition Classes & Coaching by best teachers

Student feedback about Teaching Care Online Live Tuition Classes & Coaching by best teachers. Online classes will take place LIVE face to face with the teacher through Computer or Laptop or Desktop or Tablet at your home itself. You just need an Internet connection and headphone (headphone optional). Headphone is required when your Laptop or desktop’s speaker & microphone are not working. Simple earphones with microphone can also be used if your Laptop or desktop’s speaker & microphone are not working. The online classes will be same as the physical and traditional offline classes, because there will be two way communication where students and teacher can communicate through voice during the class. The online classes also have option of raising hand and chat options during the class. Students can ask their all doubts during the class with the ease of sitting at their home itself. Why Online Tuition at Teaching Care is better than offline tuition: 1. EASE, CONVENIENCE & ACCESSIBILITY to a big pool of duly screened, properly tested, thoroughly trained, experienced & quality teachers from across India & abroad 2. BETTER QUALITY TEACHERS are made available at LOW RATES as compared to offline tuition as the teacher doesn’t have to waste time & money in commuting to student’s home or to tuition center. 3. MORE ECONOMICAL & AFFORDABLE for the student as it saves precious time & money that is wasted in commuting and provides better quality teachers at relatively low rates vis a vis offline tuition. 4. MORE FLEXIBILITY in commencement of course schedule, time schedule, class schedule & class duration. 5. FULL INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION in 1 to 1 class or one to few short group class. The teacher provides personalized attention to student based on student’s learning level, learning pace & learning requirements. 6. DEMOCRATISED ACESS TO PERSONALISED LEARNING beyond geographical barriers. 7. SPECIALISED TEACHER for each subject under one roof & for all classes. 8. SAFE & SECURE 9. CLASS MONITORING BY PARENT. 10. AUTOMATIC CLASS RECORDING FOR REVISION. 11. BETTER PRESENTATION & LECTURE DELIVERY: Teaching Care live classes have two way live interactive classroom with real time audio video communication with the teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, youtube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision. You can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the TUITION, TUITION TEACHERS, TUTORS, COACHING and TUTORIALS, ONLINE TUITION, ONLINE TUTORS, HOME TUITION for ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS STUDIES, ECONOMICS for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, STATE BOARDS, NTSE, OLYMPIADS, JEE main, JEE advanced, NEET, Foundation, NTSE, Olympiads, assignment solving etc at by best quality teachers/tutors from all over India & abroad. ASK DOUBTS DURING LIVE CLASS. Live Face to face Tutors with Online two way Interactive whiteboard. Automatic class recording for revision. Tuition fee 1/3rd of offline Tuition rates. Quality Teachers from IITs, NITs, AIIMS, Delhi University, J.N.U., Kendriya Vidyalayas etc. selected by proper screening, tests, demo & interview. Learn at your own convenience at your own timings. Sign up now for free trial class at or call 9821126195, 9811000616 or email us at [email protected] Tuition near me, tuition teacher near me, coaching near me, coaching classes near me, tutor near me, tuition tutor near me, tutor website, tutoring website, online tuition, online tuition teacher, online tuition tutors, online coaching, tuition classes near me, coaching classes near me, tuition center near me, coaching institute near me, online coaching classes, online classes, math classes near me, science classes near me, English classes near me, Math tuition teacher near me, science tuition teacher near me, math classes online, Private Tuition Teacher, Math tuition, science tuition, math tuition teacher, science tuition teacher, math tutor, science tutor, math tuition tutor, science tuition tutor, math classes, science classes, math tuition classes, science tuition classes, math coaching, science coaching, math tuition center, science tuition centre, tuition classes, tuition teacher, tuition tutors, online coaching, online math coaching, online science coaching, online tuition, online math tuition, online science tuition online coaching classes, online math coaching classes, online science coaching classes. online classes, online math classes, online science classes.

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