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Student’s feedback about Teaching Care Live Classes by Personal tuition teachers

Student’s feedback about Teaching Care Live Classes by Personal tuition teachers

BETTER PRESENTATION & LECTURE DELIVERY: Teaching Care live classes have two way live interactive classroom with real time audio video communication with the teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, youtube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision. You can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher. Summary: Ease & Convenience Accessibility Lower Pricing/Affordability Better Quality of Teachers Flexibility Individual Attention Personalized learning based on student’s learning level, learning pace and learning requirements. Better Presentation & Lecture Delivery Automatic class recording Travel time and cost saved. No tiring traffic congestion Variety in Courses All subjects under one roof Safety & Security. Book free trial class now at or call 9811000616 Before the actual class starts, Teaching Care staff will show you how to enter the live classroom. It’s a kind of brief technical orientation class where we explain about classroom tools, do troubleshooting as well as make sure that your computer/laptop/tablet/system is working fine and there will not be any problem during the live class with the teacher. It is done in advance so that teacher’s precious time and your class time is not wasted during the actual class. It ensures that you are prepared to take the class at the scheduled date(s) and timings; and that your desktop/laptop/computer/ i- Pad & internet connection are working well before the actual class time. During the entire duration of the class an administrator (with technical knowledge) will be present in the class. Though the technical issues are very rare, but if a student faces a technical problem, he/she can just ping/message to the administrator (contact details of administrator will be available to the student), & the student can also directly call the administrator and the administrator then helps you in resolving the technical issue, if any. Please ensure you have sufficient internet data and data validity so that the class/session goes well without any hindrance and interruption.

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