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Animal Husbandry MCQs by TEACHING CARE online tuition and coaching classes

  1. The chances of contacting bird flu from a properly cooked (above 100°C)

chicken and egg are:

  1. very high
  2. high
  3. moderate
  4. none
  5. A group of animals which are related by descent and share many

similarities are referred to as:

  1. breed
  2. race
  3. variety
  4. species
  5. Inbreeding is carried out in animal husbandry because it:
  6. increases vigour
  7. improves the breed
  8. increases heterozygosity
  9. increases homozygosity




  1. Which one of the following is a marine fish:
  2. Rohu
  3. Hilsa
  4. Catla
  5. Common Carp.
  6. Which one of the following products of apiculture is used in cosmetics

and polishes:

  1. honey
  2. oil
  3. wax
  4. Royal jelly
  5. More than 70 per cent of livestock population is in:
  6. Denmark
  7. India
  8. China
  9. India and China.
  10. The agriculture sector of India employs:
  11. 60 per cent of the population
  12. 70 per cent of the population
  13. 30 per cent of the population
  14. 62 per cent of the population.
  15. 33 percent of India’s (Gross Domestic Product) comes from
  16. Industry
  17. Agriculture
  18. Export
  19. Small-scale cottage industries.
  20. A collection of all the alleles of all the genes of a crop plant is called:
  21. germplasm collection
  22. protoplasm collection
  23. herbarium
  24. somaclonal collection


1-d 2-a 3-d

20-b 21-c 22-d 23-d 24-b


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